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Listen Like a Leader

To Lead, We must first listen.

We believe that Servant Leadership requires a committment to building strong relationships. So much so, that all Incast Associates are offered the opportunity to participate in this foundational course, a three-day exploration of interpersonal communication. Overwhelmingly, graduates of the course express appreciation for the deep dive into the listening process, the most helpful thing a leader can do.

Class Group Photo - Oct 2015

October 2015 class participants

Who Should Attend?
Those genuinely interested in and open to growing their leadership ability will gain the most.

Classroom Areas of Focus:

  • Your Communication Profile:  Know yourself; appreciate others

  • Art and Science:  Learn/Practice the Communication Cycle

  • Who's the Message?:  Understand the ripple effect of your leadership

  • Lead by Listening:  Unlock your leadership potential

  • Invite Change:  Confrontation is a chance to grow/understand

  • CTRL-ALT-REPEAT:  Understand how you will sustain learning


Learn Continuously
We know that significant behavior change requires more than just 3 days. Accordingly, every participant in this course will also receive:

  • 90-day guidebook to be utilized post-class

  • 1-page quick reference guide

  • Electronic reminders to practice throughout the first 90 days


Time Commitment:

  • Each course is 3 week days, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm; Day 1 also includes an evening event


$2,500 per participant. Financial aid is available for those in need with qualifying conditions. The fee is paid by Incast Asset Management for Associates of Incast.


Convene Members and Customers of OmniDuct are eligible to receive discounts on class fees.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes

What Listen Like a Leader Alumni are Saying ...

From Listen Like a Leader, I’ve learned to truly listen to my clients, coworkers and family, to still that not-so-silent voice inside my head that is busy solving their problems or crafting witty, "aren’t-I-so-smart" questions before they’ve even finished speaking. I’ve become far more effective at leaving those most important in my life feeling listened to, understood and validated after spending time together.

            - Adam Beamish (President, Mark Beamish Waterproofing) Convene Member

Listen like a leader has changed the way I go about my thoughts, conversations and life in general.  Both at home and at the office, this course has made me a better person who is a better dad, friend and leader in our business.  I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to take a next step in their leadership journey engage with this material. 

           - Jeremy Julian (COO, Custom Business Solutions Inc) Convene Member

Since going through the class, I haven't had to go back and apologize after conversations because I haven't been as prone to blowing up at people. People used to come up to me with a question or problem and say “Don’t get mad…” but now they don’t have to do that. It’s working!

            - Robert Lawson (Maintenance Supervisor - OmniDuct)

"Over the past many years as a university professor I have taught scores of undergraduate and graduate business classes in the areas of management theory and leadership principles, and a cornerstone in those classes I always include several sessions on effective communications and conflict resolution.  Since I love learning new concepts I chose to take three days away from my work world and came with the goal to learn to apply additional tools to my personal life and vocational world so that I can increase my effectiveness.  As a result of attending the Listen Like a Leader seminar, I did, in fact, learn numerous new listening skills and was able to refine those communication tools I already possess.  In short, I believe in this seminar so much that I chose to participate and I was blessed to have done so.  I believe that we all need to get a "bit better" at this for the benefit of our loved ones and those whom we serve at work." 

            - Dr. Darrell Passwater, (Convene Chair)

The LLaL experience was life altering for me.  Anyone who attends will find concrete ways to better relate to spouses, family, friends and team members at work. It changes your heart and mind!

            -Dale Hedges (VP Ops, OmniDuct)

Don't think this class is limited to "official leaders" because the name is "Listen Like a Leader". Every human being is a leader of their life and relationships. The skills taught in this class are essential for self understanding and self management, understanding others and being as effective as possible with others. Listening is the foundation of emotional intelligence. This experience has taken my listening to another level and enabled me to tackle thorny relational issues with greater courage, confidence and grace

             -Cindy Glessner (CEO, VA Desert Pacific Federal Credit Union) Convene Member

When someone would ask me for time off, I would get angry with them and interrupt them before they could explain why. Since taking the class, I have learned to listen to my people when they come to me with requests. What I found is that if I listen, not only do they explain themselves, but they are also willing to give me extra help to lessen the burden.

           - Juan Saldivar (Production Lead - OmniDuct)


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