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Listen Like a Leader



We are looking forward to hosting you at our upcoming Listen Like a Leader class! Below you will find information regarding travel and event details to best prepare and make the most of our time together. Kaitlyn is serving as your Event Leader for this experience – please feel free to reach out with any questions along the way.

Important Information



An integral part of communication is a sense of self-awareness and an understanding of the individuals that we interact with daily. To best understand our own behavior types, we will be using the DISC inventory. Please read the on-screen instructions carefully and set aside 15 minutes to fully complete the exercise. Answer the questions in the context of your behavior at work. Once you are done, you will not receive the results; they will be provided to you at our training.

DISC Instructions

  • Visit the assessment website:

  • Click “I can do it now

  • Enter the Access Code: ENG-BWLIOMNI

  • Fill out the required information (Last name, First name, Organization, Gender, Email address)

  • Complete the inventory

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or needs along the way.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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