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Values that we live by!


     Please accept my gratitude. It is actions like this that truly make a positive impact in the world. Providing people these tools will allow them to be better leaders, family members, friends, humans. I can’t see how this would not cascade into a better more productive and compassionate society.  I’m forever changed and it’s because of your gracious nature to share goodness.

          - Brian Wesley, Director of Support Services

Who we are

We see business not only as an economic activity but as an opportunity to shape the lives of the people entrusted to us.



Incast Leadership Academy exists to serve the OmniDuct and Convene communities. We invite growth-minded people to embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery; an authentic, engaging environment where you are invited to be transparent and develop your God-given gifts and abilities.


Transforming Lives • Enriching Relationships • Strengthening Communities




Our team

Each Associate of Incast Leadership Academy is uniquely trained for their role. They are all fun-loving, caring and compassionate individuals that love what they are doing. Come spend some time with us and see for yourself.


Our partners

Below are a few of the organizations we have had the privilege of partnering with.


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