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Take yourself and your business to the next level.
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About Us

Business is not just an economic activity.

It is an opportunity to shape the lives of the people entrusted to us.

Incast Leadership Academy was created to serve the OmniDuct, MFGSoul, and Convene communities. We invite growth-minded people to embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery; an authentic, engaging environment where you are invited to be transparent and develop your gifts and abilities.




    to add something for good measure.

Our name, Incast, contains two meanings.  The definition of the word incast is to add something for good measure.  In this sense, our organization is true to this definition as it seeks to add professional development, skills, and tools to add good measure for the people who attend our classes.  Additionally, the word incast also incorporates the beginning two letters of our core values: integrity, caring, and stewardship.  These core values guide us in all we do, ensuring we take the time to create content that is authentic, impactful, and meaningful. 


Building Better Businesses • Building Better People • Building Better Lives

About Us


Hardening the Soft Skill of Effective Communication
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An intensive and thought-provoking class that gives attendees powerful, unconventional, and empowering communication skills, tools, and fundamentals that help to leverage the art of skillful and active communication in a way that empowers and inspires others.  

Requirements: Invitation/referral through Incast, OmniDuct, Convene, or MFGSoul

Format: 2-Days, In-Person Class 

Brain Mastery for All
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A simple and easy to understand look into how individual brain function influences every thought, behavior, and action that ultimately leads to business success or failure.  Participants will learn about their brain function and are then equipped with skills and tools to optimize their brain to achieve maximum personal and business success.

Requirements: None

Format: 1-Day Class; Available In-Person and/or Virtually

Understanding Our Hard-Wired Behavioral Tendencies

A fascinating dive into an understanding of how we are wired to communicate with others.  This class equips participants with tools and skills on how to understand and adapt our communication in ways that work best with others.

Requirements: None

Format: Half-Day Class (4-Hours); Available in-person or virutally

Building Better with ContinuoUs Improvement

An overview on the building blocks of Continuous Improvement that are necessary to create a culture of sustainable growth and authentic accountability in any business setting. 

Requirements: None

Format: Two 90-Minute Sessions; Offered Virtually

Conflict Resolution through Empowerment
Conflict Resolution Class Short.png

A continuation of the Next Level Communication Class, this class provides a thorough and provocative new approach to conflict resolution rooted in integrity, caring, and stewardship through the utilization of authentic empathy and advanced active listening skills.

Requirements: Prior Completion of Next Level Communication Class

Format: 1-Day Class; Available In-Person Only

Upcoming Events

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Our Team

Each Associate of Incast Leadership Academy is uniquely trained for their role. They are all fun-loving, caring and compassionate individuals that love what they are doing. Come spend some time with us and see for yourself.


Our Partners

Below are a few of the organizations we have had the privilege of partnering with:

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Custom Business Solutions Company Logo
VA Desert Pacific Federal Credit Union Company Logo
VA Desert Pacific Federal Credit Union Company Logo
Goodman Insurance Company Logo
Goodman Insurance Company Logo
The Sheepfold Company Logo
Villara Company Logo
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    Please accept my gratitude. It is actions like this that truly make a positive impact in the world. Providing people these tools will allow them to be better leaders, family members, friends, humans. I can’t see how this would not cascade into a better more productive and compassionate society.  I’m forever changed and it’s because of your gracious nature to share goodness.

                                                                                                  - Brian Wesley, Director of Support Services



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